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[JIRAALIGN-2165] Add goal button appears even when a role has Goals set to Read Only


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    • Severity 3 - Minor
    • Breakers - Usher 8

      Issue Summary

      If a user role has the Add/Save toggle disabled for goals, the user can still see and click the "Add Goal" button from the goals grid. Fortunately, the user is prevented from saving the new goal due to the save buttons being disabled from the new goal, however, the presence of the "Add Goal" button is confusing.

      Reproduces on alignsupport.jiraalign.com

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Log in to the instance as a super admin
      2. Go to Administration -> Roles
      3. Look up the Executive Role and confirm that the Goals toggle is on, and add/save is disabled for the Executive Role
      4. Impersonate the user "Mario Kart" who has the Executive Role.
      5. Navigate to the Goals Grid

      Expected Results

      (PM Please reviewed)
      If the user has Add/Save disabled for Goals, then the Add Goal Button should not be visible to the user.

      Actual Results

      The Add Goal button is visible and clickable by the user, even though they can't actually save a goal due to the save buttons being disabled.


      Currently there is no known workaround for this behavior. A workaround will be added here when available

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