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[JIRAALIGN-2147] Full report for Program Room PI Burn Up not based on selected program



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      Issue Summary

      Full report for Program Room Planning Increment Burn Up is not based on the selected program. This can cause confusion because users may not expect "View Full Report" to reflect more than the selected program.

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Set a Portfolio in the top configuration, do not select a program
      2. Go to Program Board, select program then "Load Room Details"
      3. Select Planning Increment Burn Ups
        • Note the Burn Up charts are based on the program that was selected
      4. Click "View Full Report"
        • Note that the Burn Up charts are no longer based on the program that was selected. Now based on the entire portfolio.

      Expected Results

      If a user is in program room, then navigates to the full PIP report from the button in program room, with either multiple programs in tier 1 or a solution or portfolio selected in tier 1,  then show a quick warning message that the page is scoped to a wider range of work based on the tier 1 configuration.  

      Actual Results

      Clicking "View Full Report" changes the burn ups and they are no longer based on the program, they become based on the portfolio. This may not be obvious to the user and may not be expected.


      Set a Portfolio as well as a Program in the top configuration.


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