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Workday: Doesn't allow users to enter 100 (%) users are only values between 0 - 24 (hrs)


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      Issue Summary

      When setting max time spent in workday users are restricted to only using the max 24hrs per day. We have changed this logic, because in the past customers were able to track their time based on a percentage. Now when a user enters 100% the system will trigger a toaster error message stating for users to enter a value between 0 - 24.

      Level Of Impact
      This is a major blocker and causing a ton of friction internally for one of our customers.

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Step 1 - Navigate to workday
      2. Step 2 - Enter "100" under the max hour's section

      Expected Results

      We should allow customers to option to submit 0 - 24 hrs and 0% - 100%

      Actual Results

      Users can only enter Hours


      No current workaround at the moment.

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