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All Teams (Portfolio, Solution, Program, and Team) : Cancelling Deselect All Doesn't Work, All Users Are Removed From The Team


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      Issue Summary

      When navigating to the member's tab if a user accidentally clicks Deselect All, and then cancels the request by confirming "No", all users will still be removed from the Program. This is an important bun because it's not uncommon for a user to accidentally select deselect all based on where the button is placed in on the tab. Also, We have a number of customers that have a large number of users added at the program and solution level, so if they encounter this bug manually adding over 100 members will be very time consuming to manually track who used to have access and add them back.

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Step 1 - Navigate to a program team
      2. Step 2 - Next navigate to the Members tab
      3. Step 3 - Click "deselect all"
      4. Step 4 - Click "Cancel" when the pop up asks "are you sure you want to continue?"

      Expected Results

      The action is canceled and users are unchanged. 

      Actual Results

      The system removes all users from the Program despite canceling the request to deselect all
      NOTE Clicking away from the popup will also exhibit the same behavior


      No workaround users will have to manually add everyone back to the program

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