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Jira Connector: Story's sprint is not assigned back to backlog in Jira Align


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      Issue Summary

      Closing a sprint in Jira will move the uncompleted story's to backlog or future sprints. If a story is moved back to backlog, this will not reflect in Jira Align when synced.

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Create a Story in Jira Align or Jira and sync this.
      2. Create a Sprint in Jira and assign the story created in Step 1.
      3. Check the sprint state in Jira Align and make sure it's synchronized.
      4. Do not complete the Story, close the sprint in Jira and move this to backlog.

      Expected Results

      After it's synchronized, the story should also be in "unassigned" sprint in Jira Align.

      Actual Results

      Story still belongs to the closed sprint.


      Before closing the sprint in Jira, make sure to move the open Jira issues under the sprint manually to the backlog instead of using the option "Move to Backlog" when closing the sprint.

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