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[JIRAALIGN-1947] Estimation Trend report: No data returned if you filter by PI


    • Severity 3 - Minor

      Issue Summary

      If you select a Program in the config bar and nothing else, then set the extra configs to Program Increment and Program, the page works. See screenshot for works - notice config bar.

      If users try to narrow the scope a bit, and add a filter for PIs, and filter by fewer PIs than the above report, I get nothing back. See screenshot for fails - notice config bar.

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Step 1  - Meet Estimation Trend Report Requirements/Prerequisites 
      2. Step 2 -  Select multiple PIs and Program in Tier One
      3. Step 3 - Run estimation trend report: Modify Extra Config: Set Program Increment & Program  (less PIs than tier one)
      4. Step 4 - See results

      Expected Results

      If I go to the estimation trend report, filter by a program and some PIs, I expect the report to load just the PIs I entered.


      Actual Results

      No data is returned


      Select the program, and make sure you don't select ANY PIs in config bar. Then report loads.

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