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Jira Connector - Race Condition? - Restoring a canceled or deleted item creates a duplicate.


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      Issue Summary

      A customer discovered that duplicate items were sometimes being created in Jira Align after they reinstated a work item from the canceled objects bin.

      In the customer's scenario, they configured the Canceled State in the Jira connector configuration to point to the "Deleted" status in Jira.

      The use case here is that the customer did not want to hard delete Jira Align issues whenever they transitioned them to deleted in Jira. The behavior works as expected whenever they delete the item from Jira in that the Jira Align issue is moved to the canceled objects bin. However, when they transition the Jira issue from Deleted to something else, not only does the Jira Align item get restored from the Canceled Objects bin, Jira Align will sometimes end up creating a duplicate work item. This does not happen every single time, which leads us to believe it might be a race condition of some sort.

      Steps to Reproduce

      1) Configure a Jira connector to sync with Jira.
      2) Navigate Administration -> Jira Setup -> State Mapping
      3) In the canceled state ID box, enter the ID for the DELETED state from Jira.
      4) Do not configure a deleted state Delete Item Status box
      5) Save the changes.
      6) From Jira, transition an issue to the deleted state.
      7) The Jira Align Work Item transitions to the Canceled objects bin (which is expected)
      8) From Jira, transition the ticket from Deleted back to another state.

      Expected Results

      • The affected, corresponding Jira Align issue is removed from the Canceled Items bin back to its respective work item grid (this part actually works)
      • No duplicates should be created

      Actual Results

      • In addition to moving the Jira Align work item out of the Canceled objects bin, the connector ends up creating a duplicate Jira Align work item.
      • When this occurs, it appears that the duplicate Jira Align work item is created first, then the existing Jira Align work item is reinstated.

      Here are some log entries from a customer system:

      The customer restored the work item via Jira here:

      JSmith Joe Smith made changes - 08/09/20 1:12 PM
      Resolution Done [ 6 ]
      Status Deleted [ 16528 ] Epic Backlog - Discover [ 16526 ]

      Jira Align

      • Here are the Jira Align Audit log entries that demonstrate what happened on the Jira Align end.
      • At 3:12 the connector creates a duplicate of Feature 1181, with an id of 1182
        Feature ID 1182
        Summary: Delete Me 004
        Audit Log - History
        (Note: Dates and times shown as changed have not been adjusted for your
        specified time zone or format)
        [Update made from Jira] By External System on 8/9/2020 3:12:50 PM
        Created -
        CreatedBy : 141
        Title : Delete Me 004
        Program : xxxxxx Training Program
        Description : Delete Me 004
        Tags : j:VCCTP-6
        Type : Business
        State : 0 - Pending Approval
        ExternalKey : VCCTP-6
        ExternalID : 2656141
        ProcessStep : Discover & Design
        Owner : 141
        ManWeeks : 0
        JIRAProjectKey : ABCDEF
        FeatureSummary : Delete Me 004
      • At 3:15 the existing Jira Align work item that was cancelled is reinstated. The timestamp from the Audit log shows the feature was reinstated at 3:15pm:
        Title: Delete Me 004
        Audit Log - History(Note: Dates and times shown as changed have not been adjusted for yourspecified time zone or format)
        [Update made from Jira] By External System on 8/9/2020 3:15:21 PMFeature [Issue ABCDEF-6] was reinstated from JIRA. 
        Reinstated by 141


        Currently there is no known workaround for this behavior. A workaround will be added here when available

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