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Import: Owner Field Not Recignizing User Emails On Mass Update Through The Import Utility


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      Issue Summary

      When users export a list of Capabilities via the UI and update the owner field to a different email address. Then attempts to import the updated user, the import utility doesn't recognize the users. If you attempt to set the new owner manually through the UI dropdown, the system will recognize the user and update the Capability.

      Note: This also affects other work items.

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Step 1 - Example: Export a capability (ensure there is an existing owner tied to this Capability) this is also impacting all work item imports.
      2. Step 2 - On the export, template update the owner field to another user with the same permissions and program associations (make sure this user exist in the dropdown via the UI
      3. Step 3 - Attempt to import the modified Capability 

      Expected Results

      PDM - Will define the expected results

      Actual Results

      Users can't mass update and modify owners via the import utility 


      Ignore the label indicated on the owner column on the Import template.

      The email address of a ...

      Use the full name of the user instead.

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