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[JIRAALIGN-1836] Lean Metrics - Lead Time graph: Y axis is time, graph says items


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      Issue Summary

      Raised by Peggy Graham, and confirmed by Kyle Foreman on ALIGNSP-4884

      The Y-axis description in the graph Lean Metrics- Lead Time is named "items" instead of "time"
      The help for this is correct, it says::

      Lead Time: Line graph displaying the rolling history of the average time it takes work items in the PI to be accepted. A work item's lead time is calculated as the time that passes between the date it is created, and the date it is moved to an Accepted state, plus 1 day.


      An epic is created on July 7th and marked as Accepted on July 9th.
      July 7 - July 9 = 2 days +1 = 3 day Lead Time.

      Since it's showing you a 3 day lead time, the graph should say Days, as Cycle Time does.


      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Go to Work in Process page
      2. Click on Lean Metrics - upper right corner
      3. Scroll down to the Lead Time graph
      4. Look at Y-axis, it says Items. (screenshot attached)

      Expected Results

      Y-axis should be named "Days"

      Actual Results

      Y-axis is named generically "item".




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