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Program Board: URL redirect


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      Issue Summary

      Some customers created a bookmark to this page without indicating the parameter "FirstTime=True". This causes some issues because it won't render the page properly.

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Set your T1 filter based on Program and PI
      2. Make sure you have a "Program Board" with data on it.
      3. Logout from JA
      4. Log back in but update your URL to https://<your instances>/ProgramBoard so that it will go directly to Program Board. (Do NOT add the parameter)
      5. Observe the page

      Expected Results

      Program Board should load with data

      Actual Results

      Program Board loads without data.


      Make sure that there is a parameter FirstTime=True when directly accessing the Program Board.
      https://<your instances>/ProgramBoard?FirstTime=True.

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