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[JIRAALIGN-1673] Mind Maps: Users are unable to create the hierarchy with capabilities


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      Issue Summary

      When users wish to build the hierarchy from epic down to the user story within the portfolio that has the capabilities enabled - the capabilities are not created, instead we have a feature tied to the epic which is incorrect.

      Steps to Reproduce

      There should be a Portfolio with the enabled Capabilities in the system.

      1. Open Mind Maps
      2. Create a new hierarchy with 4 levels: Epic -> Capability -> Feature -> Story
      3. Sync the hierarchy into the Program that exists under the Portfolio from preconditions where the first item in the chain would be the Epic
      4. Validate if the work items for each level are created successfully 

      Expected Results

      Hierarchy with Epic, Capability, Feature, and Story is created

      Actual Results

      A Capability work item is ignored and Feature is wrongly tied to the Epic directly


      The workaround here would be the creation of the work items manually.

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