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[JIRAALIGN-1658] Duplicate Epics can appear in the Portfolio Room if the Portfolio Epic is not Ranked


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    • 10.84
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      Issue Summary

      When a user access the portfolio room and clicks the "View More" button to expand the list of available portfolio Epics, it has been observed that some Epics are duplicated. The behavior was random in that sometimes the user saw duplicates and sometimes they didn't. The epics duplicated differ each time as well.

      Our developers discovered that this is caused by Portfolio Epics that weren't ranked in the Portfolio Epic Backlog.

      This issue is not easy to reproduce, and was only so far discovered on one customer instance. Details on the customer instance as well as a suggested fix from engineering will be logged to this ticket via internal comments.

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Log in to Jira Align
      2. Add a Portfolio and PI to Tier 1
      3. Navigate to the Portfolio room.
      4. When the room loads, look for the list of Portfolio epics and click the "View More" button until all epics are loaded onto the page.

      Expected Results

      All of the listed epics should be unique. No duplicates.

      Actual Results

      One or more Epics are duplicated. This does not seem to follow a pattern of a specific Epic or Epics...the Epics that duplicate are completely random.


      Navigate to the Portfolio Epic Backlog and look for one of the Epics that is also listed in the Portfolio Room. Right click that Epic and select Move to Top. Right click the Epic again and select Move to Bottom. Reload the portfolio room and click view more as many times as needed to see the full list of Epics. The Epics should no longer be duplicated in the Portfolio Room.

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