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[JIRAALIGN-1648] Jira Connector: Square brackets, newline characters in the Jira Sprint are causing the sync to fail


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      Issue Summary

      If the Sprint in Jira tool has square brackets in the name/goals ( e.g. - []) - the sync is failing.

      Steps to Reproduce

      There should be a board in Jira that contains a sprint with the square brackets in the name. The board should be synced with Jira Align

      1. Create a user story in Jira and wait until it is pushed to Jira Align
      2. Place the story to the sprint from preconditions in Jira
      3. Make changes to the story in Jira to trigger the sync, for example, change the description and the state
      4. Validate if the changes were pushed to Jira Align

      Expected Results

      Changes are pushed to Jira Align

      Actual Results

      Changes are not pushed. This is reproducible for Sprints, Epic, and Stories.


      The workaround for the issue is to rename the Sprint(s) in Jira and remove the square brackets and newline characters.

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