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Program Increment Report: Story Points Totals Don't Align With Program Room Report & Actual Story Point Counts


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      Issue Summary

      When users review the program room and drill down into each team the high level point roll up doesn't align with the total story points on the program increment report. 

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Step 1 - Meet all prerequisites for the program room and the program increment progress report (Assign Features & Stories to programs & Teams, Have progress done, tied to programs and the teams) 
      2. Step 2 -  Run Program Increment Report
      3. Step 3 - Compare totals at the program level
      4. Step 4 - Drill down to the team level

      Expected Results

      We need PMs guidance:

      Support: The totals should match between both reports 

      Actual Results

      Story point counts aren't matching


      No workaround at this time

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