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[JIRAALIGN-1525] Portfolio Program Predictability and Group velocity: Two reports are using different algorithms to grab data


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      Issue Summary

      Reports: Two reports are using different algorithms to grab data

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Login
      2. For any Team create a few Sprints from Anchors. 
      3. Create a few stories in each sprint, accept them. 
      4. Mark at least one Sprint as completed. 
      5. Go to Portfolio Program Predictability Report and to Group Velocity Report and compare data. 

      Expected Results

      On Portfolio Program Predictability Report:

      • Points accepted = SUM LOE on all stories accepted and assigned to sprint + tier 1 program
      • Change nav item to also be "Portfolio Program Predictability Report" (currently it says Program Increment velocity. 
      • Change tooltip to say

      "[Sprint Name]

      Points accepted: X"

      • Change the bottom label from "Velocity" to "Points Accepted"


        Actual Results

       Portfolio Program Predictability Report does not include Stories from sprints that weren't marked as completed. 


      Use only group velocity

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