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[JIRAALIGN-1437] Filtering by OWNER, in Roadmaps page, throws exception when retrieving list of users


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      Issue Summary

      Filtering by Owner, in Roadmaps page, throws exception when retrieving list of users

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Browse to Roadmaps page
      2. At tier1 filter, select one (or more) portfolio with capabilities and all available PIs (selecting high volume of data is a must)
      3. Set roadmap options to Work / Capabilities / Date / Month by quarter
      4. Launch DevTools
      5. Click Filter button
      6. Select Owner in the combo box, then click the + (plus) sign
      7. Type a search string in the corresponding field

      Expected Results

      • A list of names corresponding to the typed string should show up

      Actual Results

      1. Notice the loading icon rolling indefinitely
      2. Notice the Error 500 at DevTools/Network & Console

      The below Error 500 is thrown in DevTools:

      GET https://instance.agilecraft.com:443/RestV1/User.asp?TypeVal=list 500

      The below exception is thrown in Splunk:

      { [-]
         ASP_function: Error.asp
         ErrorId: 672
         PageName: Capabilities
         correlationid: tPZ26c3IxazeA8+iOy/PMYLpiEzVtsvRS5w1Ua2Xh+k=
         customer_db: AlignSupport
         error_aspcode: ASP 0251
         error_aspdescription: Execution of the ASP page caused the Response Buffer to exceed its configured limit.
         error_category: Response object
         error_column: -1
         error_description: Response Buffer Limit Exceeded
         error_file: /RestV1/User.asp
         error_line: 0
         error_number: -2147467259
         log_type: exception
         logfrom_location: Website-ASP
         timestamp: 2020-04-29T16:38:44.372000-04:00
         url: https://instance.agilecraft.com:443/RestV1/User.asp?TypeVal=list
         urlverb: GET
         user: 661683


      Currently there is no known workaround for this behavior. A workaround will be added here when available.

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