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[JIRAALIGN-1435] Import/Export: Rank that was set in the import file is not applied/and small cosmetic issue



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      Issue Summary

      Import: Rank that was set in the import file is not applied/and small cosmetic issue

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Login.
      2. Go to the Epics grid.
      3. Go to the Import in More Actions.
      4. Download the template.
      5. Add few Epics, set all required fields, and Set some Rank for each Epic.
      6. Save the file and import it into the Application.
      7. Go to the Backlog with Program selected in the Context menu and select Epics view.
      8. Check if Epics are ordered by Rank that was provided in the file.

      Expected Results

      I have a few options to share(PDM team please pick one that matches best):
      Option A:
      Add Make this field Read-only and add R/O label to it. This will let the user know that Rank can't be updated by import. I have tested this and I wasn't able to set rank through import neither for new items nor for existing items.

      Option B:
      Allow user to set Program Rank through the Import.

      And one more issue: Description for this field in Export is 'Program rank of the Epic.' and Description in Template is 'Rank of the Epic.' This should be aligned.

      Actual Results

      It is not possible to set rank using the Import functionality


      Set rank manually through the UI


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