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[JIRAALIGN-1421] Users can add multiple acceptance criteria when synced to Jira


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      Issue Summary

      When acceptance criteria is synced between Jira and Jira Align, users will be restricted to adding 1 acceptance only because Jira only accepts one. This works in features details panels view. However, in requestGrid(features) acceptance criteria shortcut, a user can still add multiple Acceptance criteria through that.

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Enable Jira sync for Acceptance criteria at Feature level.
      2. Navigate to a feature that is synced in Jira and open the details panel page.
      3. Add a acceptance criteria, and confirm that it's synced in Jira. (Add button for AC in JA will now disappear)
      4. Now navigate to Feature (reqeustGrid) and select one of the AC column links.
      5. Observe the behaviour. The user can still add more acceptance criteria.

      Expected Results

      If an acceptance criteria is already created, users should not be able to add another because Jira only supports one.

      Actual Results

      User can still add multiple acceptance criteria.


      If acceptance criteria is intended to be added only from Jira, add button can be disabled in Jira Align to prevent users in Jira Align to add more acceptance criteria.

      To disable add button for acceptance criteria in Jira Align:
      1. Navigate to Administration > Roles
      2. Select the role that we want to disable "add acceptance criteria"
      3. Toggle off Program > Manage > Features > Acceptance Criteria
      4. Save.

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