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[JIRAALIGN-1348] Modifying Fix Version Dates (begin & end) don't sync correctly via the connector [Missing End Date Modification]



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      Issue Summary

      When users have the Jira connector setting enabled "Allow fixed versions to sync to Release Vehicles" set to Yes. When a user has a synced fixed version and attempts to modify the start & end dates, then we are only seeing the start date updated and not the end date.

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Step 1 - Ensure "Allow fixed versions to sync to Release Vehicles" set to Yes under Jira Align Admin > Jira Settings > Jira Setup
      2. Step 2 - Sync a fix version from Jira with a start/end date that match a corresponding Program Increment's start and end date within Jira Align.
      3. Step 3 - Change the start and end date of the Program Increment within Jira Align.
      4. Step 4 - Change the start and end date of the Jira Fix Version to match the new Jira Align Program Increment Dates
      5. Note: It's important to Make sure this fix version & release vehicle were already existing between Jira & Jira Align the issue relates to the modification of the dates, this doesn't relate to the creation of a fix version sync only a modification.

        Expected Results

        We should update both the start and end date of the Release Vehicle. We should show the updates in the Audit Log of the Release Vehicle.

        Actual Results

        The Start day of the corresponding Jira Align Release Vehicle is updated but the end date is not. The Start date edit is shown in the Release Vehicles audit log.


        Create a new Fix Version in Jira with the new dates and delete the legacy Fix Version/ Release Vehicle.


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