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[JIRAALIGN-1332] Work Tree View Selected not obvious from main view


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      Issue Summary

      Currently, users are allowed to select a team and a PI/Release in tier one and run the work tree report. The report doesn't show the correct metrics below or on the report gears widget. Users have to select the team view under the extra config, even then the number of artifacts on the portfolio level isn't accurate based on the results returned with the extra config enabled. 

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Step 1 - Navigate to the work tree report
      2. Step 2 - Set tier one to a team & a PI/Release
      3. Step 3 - Notice the results returned
      4. Step 4 - Next enable team view under extra config
      5. Step 5 - Compare the difference between the two views (don't forget to compare the results of the gear widget to ensure the data is correct)

      Expected Results

      Team view is the only view that filers by Tier 1 "team" selection. This is as designed. In scope of this defect, we'll update UI message to make it more clear which views take into account Tier 1 team. 

      Any calc issues for team view are being fixed in scope of 1477


      Actual Results

      The gears aren't accurate & tier one doesn't filter correctly unless the team view is toggled on if users have a team in the tier one filter. 


      No workaround at this time. 

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