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[JIRAALIGN-1328] Defects cannot be saved when Team toggle is set as required in Details panel settings


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      Issue Summary

      If the team toggle for defects is set to Required, users cannot save changes to their Defects even if a team is set in the field!

      Reproduces on ac10xm1.agilecraft.com

      Steps to Reproduce

      "Team" toggle is set to required for a Portfolio in Administration -> Details panel settings

      1. Login to Jira Align

      2. Set the Portfolio in tier 1 to the Portfolio that the Team toggle was set to in the Preconditions above

      3. Navigate to Defects

      4. Add new -> fill in all required fields -> Save OR Modify an existing Defect and try to save it.

      Expected Results

      Defect Saves without issue.

      Actual Results

      Customer is prevented from saving their changes no matter what they do. They are presented with the Red toaster that says "Select a Team".


      For the time being, users affected by this can have their Jira Align Administrator navigate to Administration -> Details Panel Settings, select the relevant Portfolio and Work Item (Defects) and toggle off the "Required" toggle for the Team field. Save the settings. This will allow users to at least be able save changes to their defects.

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