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[JIRAALIGN-1221] Administration: Master Administration toggle stays active when all sub toggles are deactivated


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      Issue Summary

      If all toggles under "Administration" are manually toggled off, the top-level toggle remains toggled on giving the impression that Admin rights are still present for the role

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Go to Administration -> Roles and select your testing role from the drop-down
      2. Expand section 6 (Administration)
      3. Manually toggle off every toggle except the top-level toggle and click save

      Expected Results

      The top-level "master" toggle show as deactivated as no sub toggles are active.

      Actual Results

      The top-level toggle remains active giving the impression that admin privileges are still active:


      If you do not log out (or the session expires, you are still in the role setup page so can switch it back (which may in itself be a defect).
      If a user logs out after doing this to an Admin role, the only remediation (should another role with the Role privilege exist) to manually reenable the Administration -> Roles toggle from the database

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