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[JIRAALIGN-1063] A features team is not changed when moved to another Program.


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      Issue Summary

      A feature's team is linked to the old P when this is moved to a new Program.

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Select a Portfolio and release.
      2. Open Program Board and select a feature that is assigned to a team that you want to move to another Program.
      3. On the selected feature, open feature details view and update the program and save.
      4. Refresh your Program Board.

      Expected Results

      The moved feature should now be displayed on the new Programs unassigned section.

      Actual Results

      The feature is nowhere to be found on the Program Board.


      Before we move the feature, we have to make sure to clear the team that its currently assigned then you can move it to a new Program.


      What's happening?


        Program Team Remarks
      Feature X before move Program A  Program A's Team A  
      Feature X after move Program B Program A's Team A Team should be unassigned because that team doesn't exist on Program B.


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