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"Suggest changes" for a user that never accessed the site results in "Something went wrong"


      Issue Summary

      As a site-admin, when using the Suggest changes feature, it will fail with a "Something went wrong message if the user has never logged in to the site.

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. As a site-admin, invite a user to the site.
      2. Make sure that the user will not log-in or accept the invite.
      3. Go to the site's administration (I.E. https://examplesite.atlassian.net/admin) and tap the user's profile.
      4. On the right side, tap the Suggest changes button and fill it with a name/email address.

      Expected Results

      An email should be sent to the user.

      Actual Results

      A "Something went wrong" message is triggered on the bottom left:


      Have the user accepting the invite/accessing the site prior to suggesting the change.

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