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Allow Bot Accounts On Cloud Instances



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      Problem Definition

      Before the implementation of Atlassian Account, users can create Cloud users with a non-valid email address for BOT accounts. After the Atlassian Account enabled, the BOT accounts are having issue as per Atlassian account - Upgrade impact.

      Also, the scripts with BOT accounts are failed due to this bug: ID-6351 - REST API calls are returning '401 Unauthorized' after Atlassian Account is enabled in the instance.

      The suggested workaround is not applicable for BOT accounts as we don't have a valid email address in creating an Atlassian Account.

      Suggested Solution

      • Allow signing up for an Atlassian Account without verifying the email address
      • Allow in-app password (within Cloud, not tie to Atlassian Account) so admin can update the password from Cloud.
      • Ability to mark user as BOT, so admin can change the password and no Atlassian Account required

      Why this is important

      • Users have many scripts run heavily for daily tasks, all these scripts are facing issues after the implementation Atlassian Account
      • Users sometimes create test accounts before launching their projects/space/instance


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