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Jira Link counter on a Confluence page does not display properly when User has selected non-english in their User Profile



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      Summary of Issue

      When adding more than one Jira Issue Macro link to a Confluence page, the Top Link Counter shows weird characters when the User Profile has set their Language setting to Chinese or Japanese. When there is just one Jira Issue Macro link on the Confluence page, the Top Link is displayed and interpreted properly to the User's language setting.

      How to reproduce

      1. Install Confluence 6.5.0
      2. Install Jira 7.5.2
      3. Connect the two via Application Links with oAuth with Impersonation
      4. On Confluence side:
        • Create a new blank page with title called Jira Link Page
        • Paste in one Jira Issue Link
        • The top Link Counter on the Confluence page shows 1 LINK
        • Paste in another Jira Issue Link
        • The top Link Counter on the Confluence page shows 2 LINKS
        • Now, update your Profile » Settings » Edit and change the Language to Chinese or Japanese
        • Navigate back to the Confluence Jira Link Page
        • The top counter will show 2 but weird characters
        • Edit the page and delete one of the JIM links. The top counter will 1 Link interpreted properly in the User Profile selected language

      Expected Result

      The top Jira link counter on the Confluence page should be properly interpreted into the User Profile's selected language even when there are two or more Jira links on the page.

      Actual Result



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