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Some strings on a Project default board are not translated


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      There are untranslated strings on Project default board for all the projects created from template (screens attached). This issue is global and is present for all the languages.

      Luisa.Berlim, I'm verifying the issue with Jira developers. So it's not necessary to log the bugs for every language.

        1. ContentManagementProject.png
          77 kB
          Yuliya Kozarevska
        2. DocumentApprovalProject.png
          84 kB
          Yuliya Kozarevska
        3. KanbanProject.png
          95 kB
          Yuliya Kozarevska
        4. LeadTrackingProject.png
          79 kB
          Yuliya Kozarevska
        5. PMProject.png
          96 kB
          Yuliya Kozarevska
        6. ProcessControlProject.png
          82 kB
          Yuliya Kozarevska
        7. ProjectsLeadUntranslated.png
          113 kB
          Yuliya Kozarevska
        8. ProvisionedInJapaneseGoogleInRussian.png
          60 kB
          Yuliya Kozarevska
        9. ProvisionedInJapaneseGoogleInRussian1.png
          86 kB
          Yuliya Kozarevska
        10. ProvisionedInJapaneseGoogleInRussian2.png
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          Yuliya Kozarevska
        11. RecruitmentProjectTest.png
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          Yuliya Kozarevska
        12. ScrumProjectBoard.png
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          Yuliya Kozarevska

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