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HipChat Server should support using a *-user group like other Atlassian products

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      Atlassian Status as of 28 September, 2017


      We are reviewing the user management experience as a whole.

      As we get closer to what the new experience looks like, we will post updates here. In the meanwhile, if you have specific requirements, please comment and let us know here.

      Thank you,
      The HipChat Data Center team.

      The other Atlassian server products we have (Jira, Confluence, BitBucket) use a "*-user" group to define which users in a directory have access to that service. We have a couple directories defined, managed by Crowd, that are shared by these products.

      However, HipChat doesn't implement a "*-user" group. If we use the same directories as above, we would go over HipChat license. The suggestion now is to create a new directory that has just the HipChat users (https://confluence.atlassian.com/hipchatkb/hipchat-server-synchronizes-all-users-from-crowd-directory-765399811.html), but we're now running into the issue where the double counted users are getting us very close to the Crowd license limit.

      HipChat server should support *-user group so that it integrates better with Crowd and how it and other products manages user access, instead of requiring custom filtered directories and duplicated users.


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