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Room is not immediately accessible/visible after adding user to it via the API

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    • Severity 3 - Minor

      This bug is very similar to HCPUB-3432


      After adding a user to a private room via Add member, it can take the room up to 5 minutes to be visible in the room list in some environments. 
      In other environments, the room will never be visible in the room list.


      HipChat Server 2.2.4
      HipChat Data Center 3.0.1

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Login with a user to HipChat
      2. Add the user to a private room by running:
        curl -XPUT https://${FQDN}/v2/room/${ROOM_ID}/member/${USER_ID}?auth_token=${TOKEN}
      1. Search for the room in the client

      Expected Results

      Room should come up since the user was added to it as if the action was done from the client.

      Actual Results

      Room doesn't come up in the room list, although the room membership is saved immediately to the database.


      It seems that the client periodically runs a refresh that updates the membership of the user in the client based on the the server values.


      • The room list will be updated if you refresh the web client or logout/login of the desktop client.
      • Use Invite user by POST ing to the /v2/room/$room_id/invite/$user_id endpoint.
      • Account for the delay when relying on this API endpoint.

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