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Enhance the role-based access control in Crowd



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      Atlassian Status as of 27 April 2011

      Hi folks,
      Thanks for your continued support and feedback, we wanted to give you an update on the status of this issue.
      Over the medium term, the direction we're taking with Crowd is to focus on scalability, reliability and performance. Unfortunately, it means that this feature is unlikely to be included in any near-term improvements to the product, as workflows and management don't align with our future direction.

      We've decided to close this issue because we feel that by leaving it open, there's undue expectation that the issue is being actively worked on, and we don't want to give you the wrong information. We are aware of the issue, and recognise that it is something that needs to be done, however, it's unrealistic that it will ship within the next 18 months.
      Atlassian Product Management

      At present, the implementation of roles in Crowd is identical to the implementation of groups. Additional development work would be needed to differentiate the functionality of roles from groups.

      We need to consider allowing role-based access control via Crowd.

      Request to all Crowd customers and users:

      • Please add a comment to this issue and let us know how you'd like to use roles.


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