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Crowd Integration Cache for JIRA is not updated


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      When the User does not exist in the Delegated Directory and Crowd finds him in LDAP, the user is correctly added to Crowd's DB, however, the JIRA App Cache is not Updated.

      Possible consequences:

      1. The user can login, but will not be a member of the jira-users group
      2. Sometimes the user can't login

      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Delete the test user from Crowd delegatedDirectory. The directory is configured to automatically add jira-users group membership on new user creation in the local group memberships directory.
      2. Restart Crowd, JIRA, and start up Confluence. We log into JIRA as an administrator account, and view the user browser. The test user is not present. Log out of the administrator account, and then log in with the test user.
      3. The test user authenticates, but does not gain group membership of jira-users. The user does belong to confluence-users, however.
      4. The test user then authenticates to Confluence. This is successful, and the user belongs to both jira-users and confluence-users.
      5. The test user logs out of JIRA, and back into JIRA, but still does not have jira-users membership. Verifying in Crowd, the user now exists and owns both jira-users and confluence-users.
      6. After restarting JIRA, the test user can now log into JIRA, and has membership of both groups.

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