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Be able to mark Defects as Handled



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      When doing a code review, reviewers can create defects. However, there is no way to mark the defect as being handled without the original reviewer can go back and edit the comment and remove the defect. It should be possible for the author and/or the moderator to mark a defect as handled.

      It would also be great if an author/moderator could see both a count of the number of defects as well as the number that still need to be handled, as well as a way to navigate through defects which have yet to be handled. That way, an author can go through the review, fixing defects, and be able to easily tell if all of the defects have been fixed or handled in some other manner).

      Currently, our solution is posting a 'handled' comment after every defect, and then walking through all the files/comments to make sure a 'handled' has been applied to every defect before closing the review.

      It would also be nice to be able to select a categorization for how a defect was handled (fixed, entered in error, fix in future, issue created, decided against change, etc.). I would assume this would be configurable just like defect classifications.

      There have also been a number of comments made at https://confluence.atlassian.com/display/CRUCIBLE/Flagging+Defects that indicate a desire for this feature.


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