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Create a permission system to restrict add or remove label actions for individual labels


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      NOTE: This suggestion is for Confluence Server. Using Confluence Cloud? See the corresponding suggestion.

      In very large organization, some labels are used for special meanings. For example:

      While every effort is made to make things wide open, and deal with 'mistakes' through 'education' rather than control, in many cases the COST in time and resources to educate people on the proper use of high-impact labels outweighs the benefit. While most labels can and should remain open, significant efficiencies and time savings can be achieved by limiting the use of certain labels to certain groups. For example:

      If the 'delete-me' label above was linked to an automated review and deletion process, it could be limited to only be used by people in the 'moderators' group. Anyone could use a 'review-for-deletion' label, but not the specific 'delete-me' label.

      Likewise, if the 'approved' label was restricted to the people that have the approval authority for a given process or expenditure, then a separate approval process would not be needed outside of confluence: the approved label could be used with certainty.

      Further, if labels like 'featured-article' was linked to articles that were shown on the top-level page of a large organization, and 'specification-document' label was used as a 'document class' with a special meaning that only a fraction of the organization really understood, and the use of these were limited to a group called "Users-that-have-completed-confluence-training" or "users-in-the-specification-group", then education on certain high-impact topics could be achieved proactively rather than retroactively.

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