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Pasting a table from Excel or rich contents from Word inserts an extra image attachment on page


      Issue Summary

      This is reproducible on Data Center: Yes

      Copying table data from excel inserts a image in Confluence and adds it as an attachment

      Steps to Reproduce

      case 1

      1. Create a page in Confluence.
      2. Copy table data from excel and paste on the page.
      3. Replication video
        1. It shows how the behaviour was working fine in 7.13.2 and now is different in 7.17.1
        2. Recording #13.mp4

      case 2

      1. Create a page in Confluence
      2. Copy a paragraph containing both text and image from Office Word
      3. Paste it into editor

      Expected Results

      Table data from excel should get copied in the confluence table

      Actual Results

      Table data from excel is being copied, however the excel data image is also added on the table and also in the attachment


      Currently there is no known workaround for this behavior. A workaround will be added here when available


      Copy the table data from Word can cause the issue as well.

      Sample file


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