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Support retrieval of user metadata from LDAP



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      NOTE: This suggestion is for Confluence Server. Using Confluence Cloud? See the corresponding suggestion.

      User records in LDAP typically have a lot of information associated with them:

      • telephone numbers
      • addresses
      • pictures

      It would be good if Confluence could use this information for:

      • displaying in user profile page
      • displaying in people directory (2.3+)

      I believe this requires a few changes to Atlassian User to implement.

      Atlassian Update -
      February 2018

      Thanks for your interest in this issue.

      We recognise the value in making it easier to integrate and manage the identity of users, especially at scale.
      We do not have immediate plans to address this issue, however are looking into broader experiences around user management.

      This suggestion will be reviewed in about 12 months time, at which point we’ll consider whether we need to alter its status.


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