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Ability to change the author of an existing page


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      Atlassian Update - 6th February 2024

      Hi everyone,

      This is Kathleen from the Confluence team. Thank you for your interest in this suggestion.

      After reviewing this ticket we are considering it as a potential addition to our longer-term roadmap. As you may know, we released support for assigning and transferring page ownership in Confluence Cloud last year. We are keeping an eye on this feature for the Data Center roadmap and intend to review this request again later this year, at which point we'll provide any relevant updates.

      You can read more about how we prioritise what to implement here.
      To learn more about our recent investments in Confluence Data Center, please check our public roadmap and our dashboards containing recently resolved issues, and current work and future plans.
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Confluence Data Center

      I would like to have a GUI way of changing the author of a page (or set of pages). Often we import a bunch of pages, but the author needs to be changed to another user. Or an existing author leaves and we need to re-assign a document.


      1. Displaying a page owner - we recommend using an info macro or table labelled “page owner” and tagging the relevant user. For more complex applications, Comala Workflows offers alternative solutions.
      2. Deleting a previous employee's account (which is tied to existing pages) - we do not recommend you delete users from Confluence, as that would complicate your database (e.g. deletion of the user’s previous comments) but you can deactivate previous user accounts for security purposes and still keep track of the pages they’ve worked on. Deactivating a user ensures they no longer count towards your license tier.
      3. Redirecting notifications to the page owner - notifications are handled through watching the page. If you no longer want to receive notifications, you can unwatch the page and have the new page owner start watching it to receive the relevant notifications.
      4. Change a page creator through the database - we recommend retaining an instance of your previous DB and doing this with a DBA present. Further details are here.

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