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Change author/owner of a page


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      Hi Atlassian,

      in many cases, we have the need to change the author/owner of a page. In most of the cases, responisiblity changes or persons come and go. In other cases, pages are created by our support, due to complex imports or similar actions.

      The impact of page ownership is massive, as you know. We struggle with the archiving plugin for ex, which tends to produce spam to all contributors, if it is not the author who is to be notified.

      By now, the only supported workaround is recreating the page and moving all subpages, which is complicated and has many drawbacks (linking for ex).

      It would be very helpful if changing the owner of a page could be a simple task for confluence-administrators, space-admins and the current owners of the pages.

      I thank you in advance for your consideration.

      Best wishes


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