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Duplicate Content Shown When Editing A Page After Modifying An Attachment





      The fix has been backported.

      We have confirmed that plugins that interact with attachments during the process of saving or creating pages can also trigger this issue. This behaviour significantly expands the impact of the issue as it is not apparent to the user that a plugin is interacting with attachments in the background. We believe this drove a significant number of previous duplication reports prior to the fix.

      For more information about this and related content duplication issues, please see the discussion at Confluence Server and Data Center: Content duplication fix and next steps - Atlassian Community.

      Issue Summary

      When editing a page, the page content, or a subset of the page content is duplicated. The behaviour occurs after an attachment is edited on the page and the page published or saved rapidly thereafter.

      Steps to Reproduce

      The behaviour can be replicated with the below steps. These steps will reliably reproduce the issue, but are not he only way the issue presents. We DO NOT recommend taking these steps outside of testing environments

      Example 1

      1. Create a page with text and at least one attachment like an image
      2. Publish the page
      3. Perform a hard data eviction in Synchrony (this step is used to reliably reproduce the issue as a proxy of other internal operations)
      4. Navigate to the attachments list on the page created in Step 1
      5. Edit an existing attachment, or upload a new attachment
      6. Return to the page and edit it
      7. The content appears duplicated

      Example 2

      1. Create a page (page A) with text
      2. Publish page A
      3. Create a new page (page B) with text, and paste a link to page A to create a mention
      4. Publish page B
      5. Perform a hard data eviction in Synchrony (this step is used to reliably reproduce the issue as a proxy of other internal operations)
      6. Navigate to page A and either upload a new attachment, or modify an existing one
      7. Return to page A and edit it
      8. The content of page A appears duplicated
      9. Navigate to page B and edit it
      10. The content of page B appears duplicated without having interacted directly with the page

      Expected Results

      The editor should only display the page content without duplication.

      Actual Results

      The content appears to be duplicated in edit mode, and publishing the page results in the duplicated content being visible in view mode.


      1. In the Editor, click the Ellipsis (...) symbol
      2. Click Revert to last published version


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