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primaryGroupId not visible to Confluence when integrated with AD LDAP



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      [9:45 AM] john kakritz: i wanted to talk to you about Active Directory LDAP integration with Confluence
      [9:46 AM] john kakritz: hmm to sum it up, it appears that AD does not set the member atribute of the Domain Users group
      [9:47 AM] john kakritz: rather it sets the primarygroupId to 513 which apparently is the Domain Users group
      [9:47 AM] john kakritz: confluence does not recognize the primaryGroupID value
      [9:48 AM] john kakritz: the effect is that granting Domain Users Global Permissions in confluence has no effect
      [9:49 AM] john kakritz: i'm sure that i'm not the first person to integrate AD ldap with confluence so i was hoping that some notion of how to work around this already exists
      [9:50 AM] john kakritz: http://support.microsoft.com/?kbid=275523 has some info from microsoft regarding this problem
      [9:53 AM] john kakritz: http://confluence.atlassian.com/display/DEV/How+to+map+LDAP+Users+and+Groups+to+Confluence+via+Atlassian+User
      [9:53 AM] john kakritz: also seems to address the issue


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