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Checking inline tasks will cause unpublished tasks to be set incorrectly




      Issue Summary

      If inline tasks are being worked on when editing a confluence page, and these published pages have tasks that are being checked or unchecked by others, the wrong task states will be published when the draft is published.

      Example video: tasks-checked-incorrectly.mov

      This may be related to another issue observed in CONFSERVER-59676 where drafts do not show the Unpublished Changes warning message when tasks are modified.

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Create a page with two or three task elements and publish the page without checking any tasks
      2. Edit the page again and create a new task between the existing ones (but don't publish and stay in edit mode)
      3. Open the same page in a second tab in view mode and check all the tasks
      4. In the first tab, you will now see that the wrong tasks are checked
      5. The then published page will have incorrect task states

      Expected Results

      When task states are changed by others in published pages the state will be updated or notified in their drafts or edited pages.

      Actual Results

      Changing task states in published pages will incorrectly overwrite the state of any new tasks that have been added or changed in edited pages.


      There is currently no workaround


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