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Create from Template macro, set to a user created space template, does not work after Space import




      Issue Summary

      After importing a Space that contains a user created template and a page with the Create from Template macro set to it, when pressing the macro button the Create window is displayed blank and no page is created.

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Create a new Space;
      2. Create a User Created Template via Space tools > Content Tools > Templates > Create New Template;
      3. Create a new page in the space and insert the Create from Template macro, choosing the template created in step 2;
      4. Test the macro by clicking on the "Create From Template" button - A new page is created from the template;
      5. Export the space to XML via Space tools > Content Tools > Export;
      6. Delete the Space via Space tools > Overview > Delete Space;
      7. Import the Space via Admin > Backup & Restore;
      8. Open the Space's page created in step 3 and click on the "Create From Template" button.

      Expected Results

      A new page is created from the template, like in step 4 above.

      Actual Results

      The Create window is displayed blank. Clicking on Next does nothing and the only option is to click on Close. See image below.


      Edit the page with the Create from Template macro, select the macro and click on Edit, and re-select the user template in the Edit ‘Create from template’ Macro window.


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