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Plans to disable the Hipchat integration plugins


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      Atlassian status as of September 2019

      Confluence provides a number of integration points with Hipchat, including the ability to send page notifications to a Hipchat room, and use Hipchat emoji in Confluence pages. As you may be aware, we have discontinued development on all chat products. Hipchat Cloud services will be shut down in February 2019, and HipChat Data Center and Server will both reach end of life during the next 18 months.

      We plan to take a phased approach in Confluence, so that any organizations still using Hipchat Server or Data Center can continue to use this integration.

      We ended support for all bundled Hipchat plugins in Confluence 7.0. These are disabled by default for new installations. This will have no impact on existing installations, and can be easily enabled if required.

      End of support means that Atlassian will not fix bugs related to Hipchat integration in Confluence 7.0 or later versions.

      Feel free to comment on this issue if this change will have a significant impact on your Confluence site.

      Find out more about our other planned changes in Confluence 7.0

      If don't use Hipchat, or have migrated to Slack already, find out about Disabling the HipChat Integration with the Atlassian products to reduce clutter in Confluence.

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