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Atlassian Companion app does not work with session-based virtual desktops or virtual app streaming




      NOTE: This bug report is for Confluence Server. Using Confluence Cloud? See the corresponding bug report.

      Atlassian Update, 6 February 2019

      Hi everyone

      Thank you for your comments and votes on this bug. We would like to provide some clarification on this issue.

      The Atlassian Companion app only works in some virtual desktop environments. If a user's environment isn't compatible with the Companion app, they won't be able to edit files in Confluence.

      Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI)
      In this set up, each user gets their own VM (virtual machine), with a centralized service managing deployments.

      Session-based virtual desktops
      Also referred to as Remote Desktop Service (RDS) or Remote Desktop Session Host (RDSH). In this set up, each user shares the same operating system (server).
      Not compatible

      Virtual app streaming
      Also referred to as Remote app publishing. This is where a single app runs on a remote server, but appears on the user's computer as if it were a local app.
      Not compatible

      This information has been added to Administering the Atlassian Companion App 

      Kind regards
      Makisa | Confluence Server, Senior Product Manager


      • Edit Files using Atlassian Companion may not work on specific terminal server environments when using multiple desktops concurrently. 
      • Each desktop session on the server must have a separate (virtual) network interface for the Atlassian Companion to work.  


      Steps to reproduce

      1. The first user tries to edit the document and receives a prompt to download and install the Atlassian Companion app which then gets installed into their user profile. And they can open the document correctly.
      2. The second user logged on to the same Terminal Server tries to open a different document using Atlassian Companion (the second user will not be prompted to install the Atlassian Companion – instead the document will open on the first user’s desktop)
      3. If the first user shuts down the Atlassian Companion by clicking Quit in its tray menu, the second user will now be prompted to download and install the Companion app and the second user able to open documents on their second user desktop.
      4. If another user tries to edit a document using Atlassian Companion it will open on the second user’s desktop.


      • Operating System: Windows Server 2012 R2.

      Expected Result

      • Editing a file using Atlassian Companion will show on the same desktop session.

      Actual Result

      • Editing a file using Atlassian Companion will show on the previous desktop session that has Atlassian Companion running.


      • If the user already done using the Atlassian Companion to close the Atlassian Companion.



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