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Space's TinyURL not working for Service Desk users(unlicensed)



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    • 5.10.1, 6.9.0
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      When a Service Desk user access a TinyLink of a "Service Desk Knowledge Base", the user gets a "Not Permitted" page, however, if this same user access the full URL of the space, he is able to access that specific space.

      According to CONFSERVER-45631, "Unlicensed users can only access the spaces if they have the direct links", however, the link of the space is working, only its TinyURL that isn't.

      We can see that it appears that there's a layer when Confluence is redirecting the URL that is not accessible for Service Desk Users, but this layer should not be active when the space is linked to Service Desk.


      • Confluence
      • Service Desk

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Connect Confluence with Service Desk.
      2. Create a test space.
      3. Link this new space to a Service Desk Project(Service Desk Knowledge Base).
      4. Create a Service Desk User.
      5. Access the full URL of the space just to confirm that the unlicensed user can view it.
      6. Go back to the space, get its TinyURL and share with the Service Desk user.

      Expected Results

      The user will be able to view the space through its TinyURL.

      Actual Results

      The user gets a "Not Permitted" page.


      • Same problem doesn't happen with Anonymous Users, only with Service Desk users. Ensure that Anonymous access is disabled in order to confirm the problem.
      • This can be a blocker if customers are sharing TinyLinks to their customers.


      If you are able to share the full link, use it instead of the space's TinyURL. If you are not able to do that, then there is no other workaround.


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