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Large tables are slow to respond with collaborative editing enabled



      When editing very large tables in Confluence, any text that is input lags a couple of seconds behind after input.


      • Confluence 6+
      • Collaborative Editing enabled
      • IE11 (this browser is the slowest from testing)

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Make sure collaborative editing is running
      2. Create a page with a table + text that is ~300 rows
      3. Edit one of the cells

      Expected Results

      Minimal lag between input and editor displaying the text

      Actual Results

      The text input takes a couple of seconds to show up, and the cursor sometimes freezes. The browser can also crash.


      This has been tested with Chrome and Firefox, and although there is lag it is still usable. With IE it is much slower. Increasing Synchrony memory helps a improve the performance but not by much but it looks like the biggest contributor to the slowness is network lag and type of browser.

      If this is tested on the same machine where Confluence/Synchrony are running, the lag is less noticeable. If tested from a different machine on IE11 the application takes a long time to respond and sometimes crashes.


      A workaround will be provided when available.

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