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Unable to access draft page if personal space is created with multibyte username



      The link of draft page navigates to "Page Not Found" if spaceKey contains multibyte character.

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Create user who has multibyte username such as "あいうえお"
      2. Create page, input title and leave it draft (Select "Close" but not "Publish")
      3. Go to drafts page
      4. Click the link of draft page
      5. Confirm the link navigates to "Page Not Found"

      Expected Results

      The link of drafts navigates to editor

      Actual Results

      The link of drafts navigates to "Page not found"


      Confluence only allows ASCII letters as space key except personal space.


      • Temporary workaround
        1. Replace spaceKey=~%????? with spaceKey=~あいうえお (using username) at navigation bar
      • Permanent solution
        1. Rename username to new username which only contains ASCII characters
        2. Create temporary space
        3. Move all pages from personal space to temporary space (apply temporary workaround above to move unpublished pages)
        4. Go to Space tools > Overview > Delete space > Select OK
        5. Create personal space and make sure URL contains new username
        6. Move back the pages from temporary space to new personal space

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