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Firefox 57.0 WebDav Launcher Extension


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      Problem Definition

      The Firefox WebDAV Launcher is currently not compatible with Firefox 57.0, which is the most recent release as of this case. This release is known as Firefox Quantum.

      Suggested Solution

      Do we have plans to release a version of the WebDAV Launcher soon that is compatible with this version of Firefox?

      Why this is important

      Many users will be upgrading to Firefox 57 Quantum, so it would be helpful to have the extension be compatible with this.


      1. Do not upgrade to Firefox Quantum as it is listed as not compatible with the WebDAV Launcher: WebDAV Launcher – Add-ons for Firefox
      2. Use Internet Explorer to 'Edit in Office'
      3. If you have already upgraded to Firefox Quantam, the following steps will allow you downgrade your Firefox Browser: Install an older version of Firefox
      Atlassian update - 17 June 2019

      Please see our Community post for the latest update: 
      Changes to the Companion App in Confluence 6.15.5 and 6.13.6

      Makisa | Senior Product Manager, Confluence Server


      Atlassian Status as of August 2018

      Hi all,

      Thank you for your patience on this issue.

      We are pleased to announce that the new Edit Files experience is here. From Confluence 6.11 (release notes). Now, you can edit any file attached to a Confluence page using your preferred desktop application, then save the file back to Confluence automatically. The new Atlassian Companion app works across Windows and Mac operating systems with any of our supported Browsers.


      Victoria Li | Product Manager - Confluence Server

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