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Allow for multiple customized "event" types & dates on Calendars


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      Our team leverages the team calendar confluence plug in. All in all it works really well, but it would be much more useful if we could do that following:

      • We use the calendars to track release calendars across our products and platforms, and external partners. One frustration we have is that within each calendar we typically only use the "event" option, but we can't customize this at all. This is super annoying. For example we want to have 1 partner calendar to track all those release dates and milestones and be able to color code them. Unfortunately we can only do that by creating a new calendar (this is really annoying for the team working on all the partner projects as they have to keep adding and removing calendars frequently).
      • Create an easily printable view for a user specified amount of time (1 week to multiple months)
      • Create the ability to export the team calendar info - PDF and spreadsheet would be great (Would be super helpful for when we work with external partners for project management)
      • Create the ability to view more than 1 month at a time. Ideally if I scrolled down on a month view it would pull in the next weeks and I wouldn't have to skip to the next month. Or I could specify the date ranges to Display

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