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If there is only one event type in the calendar, the calendar UI looks quite odd


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      Dear Calendars Team,

      Since you added new feature - Events. I have a few questions that I need to resolve before upgrade production version of our Team Calendars:

      1) Our company employees use jointly some calendars (as on attached screenshot). Bring new feature as "Events" do confusion for our employees because each calendar explicitly define what kind of even to create and there is no need for additional events for each calendar. And it is obviously that it is no need to have even "leaves" for Meetings calendar or Business Trips calendar.

      So my questions is how to hide events at all?

      2) What is acceptable with Team Calendars new release is icons. That is why I would like to find out how to stick icon - "airplane" with Business Trip calendar, icon "leaves" with Annual and Compensatory Leaves Calendar and so on.

      3) As well I would like to know how to add our own icons to another calendars such as Absence to due Illness, Meetings, Out of the Office Reports?

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