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Manage Users through Admin Interface


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      NOTE: This suggestion is for Confluence Server. Using Confluence Cloud? See the corresponding suggestion.

      Premier clients have raised the request to ease their User Administration pains as they increase their sites to use Confluence Data Center. Currently, there is no easy way to inactivate users in bulk within the the user interface of Confluence. The only methods to do this are through the SOAP API through add-ons such as Confluence CLI or non-marketplace solutions such as Bulk disable users for JIRA and Confluence which are not Confluence Admin-friendly, but rather require some additional efforts to run correctly, and are prone to error by a Confluence Admin.

      The pain point here is that many Premier clients who previously had unlimited licenses are now having to police their licensing to fit within the Data Center licensing limits, some are struggling to inactivate thousands of users and other objects which were sync'd across through LDAP sync and now count against their Datacenter license count.

      When moving from 10000 users down to 2000 users, a manual solution is not effective at inactivating users (one at a time). Having to buy a third-party add-on to then spend more money to get to Datacenter with fewer users is a hard sell to a client that is intending to expand their use of Confluence and makes the process painful and should be addressed as this is a major blocker on upgrade and expansion of Data Center.

      If we offered a method to paginate through users and set them to inactive through a checkbox on the UI, we could help alleviate the pain of the migration

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